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Please visit the following sites and read more about how Soper Jr. High and High School students and educators are beginning the journey to learn more about living with character to...

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2014-2015 Basketball Schedules

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Jr. High Baseball Schedule Fall 2014 Soper Elementary jr high basketball schedule 2014-2015 2014-2015 High School Basketball Schedule High School Baseball Schedule Fall 2014 High...

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Library Homepage

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Students at Soper School can now access Ebsco and Encyclopedia Brittanica through Digital Prairie, a service provided by the State Department of Education.  Use the links below for...

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Debate Lesson Plan for December 15th-18th

Monday-Wednesday: PowerPoint Presentations

  • This week the students will be giving their presentations over the movies The Prince of Egypt and Joseph: King of Dreams. We will have 3 days of presentations.



  • The students will be released from school at noon today.

I wish you and all of your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will see you in 2015!

Sociology Lesson Plan for December 15th-18th

Monday-Tuesday: Final Paper Work

  • The students have wrapped up their observations and will begin working on their final/semester papers that will be due this week on Wednesday, December 17th. The students will have Monday, December 15th, and Tuesday, December 16th to work on their paper.

Wednesday: Paper Due

  • Our final papers are due today by the end of this hour.

Thursday: Happy Holidays!

  • Students will be dismissed from school today at 12:00. I’ll see you in 2015!

Blessings to you and your family over this holiday season. I wish you a Very Merry Christmas!


December 15-18 Lesson Plans

7th Science

Monday-Wednesday = Semester Review (Worksheets and Quiz)

Thursday- Christmas Party

8th Science

Monday-Wednesday = Semester Review (Worksheets and Quiz)

Thursday- Christmas Party


Monday-Wednesday = Finish Chapter on Violence

Character Ed

Monday- Wednesday = Finish Habit 2

December 8-11 Lesson Plans

7th Science

Monday- Start Ch. 11 Study Guide Worksheet (1-72)

Tuesday- Finish and check & correct Ch. 11 Study Guide (Review if time permits)

Wednesday- Ch. 11 TEST

Thursday-  Begin looking at Ch. 12 “Weather Factors”

8th Science

Monday- Start Ch. 7 Study Guide Worksheet (1-72)

Tuesday- Finish and Check and correct Ch. 7 Study guide (Review if time permits)

Wednesday- Ch. 7 TEST

Thursday- Begin Ch. 9 “Living Things”


Monday- “Develop an Anti-Bullying Poster in groups”

Tuesday- Ch. 7 Sec. 3 Pg. 174 “How Fights Start” (Read and discuss)

Wednesday- Ch. 7 Sec. 4 Pg. “Preventing Fights” (Read and discuss)

Thursday- Finish Posters With an Anti-Bullying theme

Character Ed

Monday-Thursday=  Work on our Good Character Posters