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Please visit the following sites and read more about how Soper Jr. High and High School students and educators are beginning the journey to learn more about living with character to...

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2014-2015 Basketball Schedules

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Jr. High Baseball Schedule Fall 2014 Soper Elementary jr high basketball schedule 2014-2015 2014-2015 High School Basketball Schedule High School Baseball Schedule Fall 2014 High...

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Library Homepage

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Students at Soper School can now access Ebsco and Encyclopedia Brittanica through Digital Prairie, a service provided by the State Department of Education.  Use the links below for...

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January 26-29 Lesson Plans

7th Science

Monday- Work on Ch. 13 Sec. 1 WS “Air Masses and Fronts”

Tuesday- Check and Review Key Terms WS and Air Mass WS (perform Discover Activity on Pg. 416)

Wednesday- Take Notes over Ch. 13 Sec. 2 “STORMS” (main kinds and how they form)

Thursday- (discover Activity on Pg. 424 “Making a tornado)  Watch you tube video of Moore tornado and Tushka tornado

8th Science

Monday- Do Worksheet over Igneous, Sedimentary, Coral & Metamorphic Rocks (SEC. 2,3, 4 and 5)

Tuesday- Check WS over KEY TERMS and 3 major types of Rocks (Notes over 3 main rock groups)

Wednesday- Discuss Rock Cycle and do WS

Thursday- Start Ch. 13 Study Guide WS

JH Health

Monday- Healthy Snack day in 7th Girls, 8th Grade Discuss Ch. 9 Sec. 1 “Choosing food Wisely” Pg. 220

Tuesday- “Safely Managing Your Weight” Ch. 9 Sec. 2 Pg. 226

Wednesday- “Nutrition for Individual Needs” Ch. 9 Sec. 3 Pg. 233

Thursday- Answer Questions over Ch. 9

Character Ed

Monday-Thursday= Discuss 7 Habits

Life Skills Lesson Plan for January 19th-22nd

Monday: Quiz

  • Quiz: The students will be quizzed over last week’s lessons that we covered in class.

~Objective: The students will be given a quiz to reinforce the material that they have learned in the classroom.

Tuesday: Lucid Dreaming by Carl Douthit

  • The Definition and History of Lucid Dreaming
  • The Causes
  • How to Control Your Dreams
  • Dream Recall
  • Dream Signs

~Objective: The students will learn about lucid dreaming and how dreams can affect their moods and mindset. Anyone can learn to lucid dream. All it requires is practice and effort. And a few mental tricks, such as Dream Recall, Reality Check, and Dream Signs.

Wednesday: Blood Donation

  • Steps to Donating
  • Interesting Blood Facts
  • Why Blood Is Vital
  • Top Uses of Blood

~Objective: The students will learn the importance of donating blood, what the blood donated is used for, and how they are making a difference and how they are playing a role in their community and society.

Thursday: Group Discussion and Notes

  • The students will be divided into groups where they will compare and catch up with notes that have been taken throughout the week.
  • Notes will be due by the end of the hour.
  • ~Objective: Students will have a group study session to discuss weekly notes to improve their knowledge of the materials presented throughout the week.

Sociology Lesson Plan for January 19th-22nd

Monday: Counterculture

  • Definition of Counterculture
  • Classic Examples:
  1. Youth Movement’s in the 60’s
  2. Women’s Rights
  3. Racial Desegregation
  4. Militia Groups
  5. KKK and Gangs
  6. BPP

~Objective S2:5; The student will compare and contrast various subcultures including counter culture, pop culture, ethnic cultures, and religious cultures.

Tuesday: Test Review

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • True or False

~Objective: The students will have a test review today and will have the entire hour to work in study groups and to compare notes for their test tomorrow.

Wednesday: Test

  • The students will test today.

Thursday: Pop Culture

  • Pop Culture Definition
  • Meme
  • Influences
  • Mass Media

~Objective S2:5; The students will examine the influence of culture and the way cultural transmission is accomplished.

Debate Lesson Plan for January 19th-22nd

Monday: Mini-Debate

• Opposition and Affirmative

• The students will be given Thursday’s debate topic so they can research their position.

Topic for Thursday: Sports Are As Important As Studies.

~Objective: Students will divide into 2 groups, the “for” group and the “against” group. They will be given a topic or be able to choose a topic in which they have 10 minutes to discuss and create their opinion about the statement. Each team will then switch and argue the opposite of their initial position.


Tuesday: Research for Thursday’s Topic

• Today the students will be required to conduct research for the given debate topic for Thursday.


Wednesday: Mini-Debate

• Opposition and Affirmative

~Objective: The students will focus on the structure and framework of debate. They will evaluate the relevance and the importance of an argument in the context of the round.


Thursday: Short-Debate Lincoln-Douglas Style

• Opposition and Affirmative

~Objective: Students will divide into 2 groups, the “for” group and the “against” group. The students must have prepared, collaborated and organized their research for the short debate round on the topic that was given on Monday.