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Please visit the following sites and read more about how Soper Jr. High and High School students and educators are beginning the journey to learn more about living with character to...

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2014-2015 Basketball Schedules

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Jr. High Baseball Schedule Fall 2014 Soper Elementary jr high basketball schedule 2014-2015 2014-2015 High School Basketball Schedule High School Baseball Schedule Fall 2014 High...

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Library Homepage

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Students at Soper School can now access Ebsco and Encyclopedia Brittanica through Digital Prairie, a service provided by the State Department of Education.  Use the links below for...

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FACSED November 3rd-November 6th, 2014



Monday & Tuesday –students will work from the Substitute Teacher Toolbox on skill building activities and games. I will be attending Professional Development in Oklahoma City.

Wednesday & Thursday—Students will be engaging in activities that lead to self-discovery

Activities will include:

  • Discover Your Inner Pig (Create a Drawing that will reveal personality traits)
  • Create a Web Page About themselves
  • Getting to Know Yourself: Building a pyramid of important things in their life
  • Discovering Your Abilities Questionnaire

November 3-6 Lesson Plans

7th Science

Monday- Ch. 10 Sec. 2 Pg. 324 “Patterns of Behavior” (Discuss Discover Activity and Take Notes)

Tuesday- Ch. 10 Sec. 3 Pg. 334 “Tracking Migrations” (Read, Discuss, Worksheet)

Wednesday- Start Ch. 10 Study Guide Worksheet

Thursday- Finish Study Guide Check and Correct for The Chapter 10 Test!

8th Science

Monday- Ch. 6 Sec. 1 Pg. 204 “Describing and Measuring Motion” (Discover Activity and Notes)

Tuesday- Ch. 6 Sec. 2 Pg. 208 “Speed and Velocity” (Discover Activity, Notes, Worksheet)

Wednesday- Ch. 6 Sec. 3 Pg. 216 “Acceleration” (Discover Activity, Read, Discuss, notes)

Thursday- Begin Ch. 6 Study Guide Worksheet


Monday- Ch. 5 Sec. 1 Pg. 112 “Families Today” (Class Discussion)

Tuesday- Ch. 5 Sec. 2 Pg. 119 “Family Problems” (Class Discussion)

Wednesday- Ch. 5 Sec. 3 Pg. 126 “Keeping the Family Healthy” (Class Discussion)

Thursday- Ch. 5 Review and Standardized Test Prep Pg. 132-133

Character Ed

Monday- Thursday- 7 Habits, etc. Talk about maybe helping with a local food bank program!

8th Grade Lesson Plans Oct. 27th – 30th

8th Grade Lesson Plans Oct 27th – 30th



Vocabulary – 1.1 Context Clues and 1.2 Word Origin

1.  Review words in Chapter 11 ( absurd, adhere, affluent, alienate, assess, compile, contempt, defect, doctrine, dogmatic)

2.  Assign page 58 and 59

Skill Work – CCSS L8.5, L8.5b, L8.5c

1.  Review the definition of (homonyms)

2.  Guided practice even numbers CCSS page 36 Homonyms

3.  Assign odd numbers CCSS page 36 and 37 Homonyms

Grammar -

1.  The student will complete Unit I Quiz from last Thursday



Vocabulary -

1.  Grade and record page 58 and 59

2.  Assign page 60 Check I and II

Skill Work -

1.  Grade and record page 36 and 37 Homonyms

2.  Review page 38 and 39

3.  Assign page 38 and 39 for homework



Vocabulary -

1.  Grade and record check I and Ii

Skill Work -

1.  Grade and record page 38 and 39

Grammar -

1.  Review Lesson 7 Nouns – Common and Proper – even numbers

2.  Assign Lesson 7 – odd numbers

Literature – Read Novel

Food Prep October 27th-October 30th, 2014

Monday and Tuesday—Cultural Foods Project Continued

Wednesday—Rake and Run

Thursday—Choices Thursday