2015 Basketball Schedules

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015

Soper High School Basketball Schedule 2015-16     Soper Elementary and Jr Basketball Schedule...

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Posted by on Sep 19, 2014

Please visit the following sites and read more about how Soper Jr. High and High School students and educators are beginning the journey to learn more about living with character...

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Counselor's Corner

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012

CCOSA Senior Scholarship Program CCOSA proudly hosts an annual Senior Scholarship Program, awarding exceptional Oklahoma students a scholarship to apply towards their first year in...

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Posted by on Sep 2, 2015

The Media and Creative classes took the opportunity to tour the KXII Television Station in Sherman on September 14th. The experience helped students and staff understand how the...

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8th Grade English/Grammar Nov. 30th – Dec. 1st

8th Grade English/Grammar Nov. 30th - Dec. 1st


This week we will be working on our writing skills.

  1.  Students are to read two selctions:  1." Protecting The Nest", by Ben Davis.  2.  "Red cockaded Woodpecker".
  2. After reading both selections thay are to address the writing prompt.
  3. Using evidence from both passages the student is to explain how the Red - cockaded Woodpecker's nesting habits have caused this bird to be placed on the endangered species list.
  4. The student is to write a 5 paragraph paper
  5. The student is to use the spider graph provided and follow it.

Lesson 18 Main Verbs and Helping Verbs


FACSED Lesson Plans November 16th-19th, 2015


Marriage & Family Life Wedding Project (con't)


Learning to Sew--students will learn to thread a needle, sew the three types of stitches and sew on buttons


Studying Dr. Seuss; students will study the style of Dr. Seuss book and create a book and playdough character (Dr. Seuss Style)

Surviving and Thriving

Discovering The Importance of Voting and Researching Candidates that fit personal values and beliefs

Culinary Basics

Internet Scavenger Hunt--Carb-O-Rama--Learning the importance of carbohydrates--how much do we need versus how much is too much



8th Grade Speech Nov. 16 – 19th

8th Grade Speech Nov. 16 - 19th

This week we will explore the origin of words working with Mrs. Frost in her study of Mythology.

  1.  Students will use the ipads to reserch the origin of words and how they relate to Gods and Goddesses.
  2. Students will decorate for Christmas
  3. Students will present information from their reserch
  4. Students will find a Christmas poem to recite to the lower grades after Thanksgiving.

Career Nov. 16th-19th

Career Nov. 16th-19th


This week we will focus on skills needed to be successful in gaining employment.  Skills covered will be the following:

  1.  Proper ways to complete an application
  2. How to create a resume
  3. Interview ediquite
  4. Roll play of interview process and videos of good and bad interviews.

8th Grade English/Grammar Nov. 16th-19th

8th Grade English/Grammar Nov. 16th-19th





  1.  Present lesson on present and past tense verbs Lesson 17
  2. Guided Practice - 1 - 10
  3. Independent Practice Exercise 1, 11 - 20
  4. Exercise 2


  1.  Grade and record Lesson 17 Exercise 1 and 2
  2. Students will complete exercise 3.


  1.  Grade and record exercise 3