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Posted by on Feb 12, 2013

Teachers – Wengage Login…View Post Computer Service Request Oklahoma State Department of Education… Common Core State Standards...

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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013

2014 Soper Slowpitch Softball Schedule   Varsity Baseball Schedule Spring 2014   Jr. High Baseball Schedule Spring 2014   Softball District Tournament...

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Posted by on Jul 23, 2013

ACT Test...

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Library Homepage

Posted by on Apr 10, 2013

Students at Soper School can now access Ebsco and Encyclopedia Brittanica through Digital Prairie, a service provided by the State Department of Education.  Use the links below for...

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7th Grade Language Arts April 21-24

Students will be in preparation for the OCCT the entire week.

Monday…….Grade stories 3 and 4 from the OCCT prep packet

Reading….Assign story 5 and 6 “Theodores Love of Nature” and “The Stick Game”

Vocabulary…….Students will play Charades with Literary Terms

Identify 3 major types of poetry !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday – Grade stories 5 and 6 from OCCT Prep packet

Reading……Assign Idioms and Personification

Students will test in the afternoon  OCCT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday….Grade Idioms and Personification

Assign……… “The Mysterious Barite Rose”

Homework……Hyperbole and Metphors


8th Grade Language Arts April 21-24

Students will be preparing for the OCCT in all activities during the week.


Monday….Grade and discuss stories 3 and 4 of the OCCT study packet

Vocabulary….Students will play Charades with Literary Terms

Reading……Assign “Summer” and “Summer Time” and “A New Me”

Tuesday……Grade stories from the previous day

Reading…..idioms and personification

Wednesday….Grade idioms and personification

Reading…..Hyperbole – Metaphor – Simile


Lesson plans Economics April 21-25 Rich

Monday: Chap 3 pg. 104 1-17, pg. 105 18,19,23

Tuesday: finish questions

Wednesday: EOI

Thursday: EOI

Friday: no school

Lesson plans World history April 21-25 Rich

Monday: Chapter 14 pg. 426 1-9, pg. 427 10-19

Tuesday: finish questions

Wednesday: pg. 428 1-10, pg. 429 11-17

Thursday: Finish unit test

Friday: school

Lesson plans Earth science April 21-25 Rich

Monday: work on handout

Tuesday: work on handout

Wednesday: work on handout

Thursday: work on handout

Friday: no shool